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BA Full Form | Stand for | Full Name in Governmental Firms & Organizations

BA : British AirwaysBA Stand for British Airways? British Airways is the flag carrier and the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on fleet size, or the second largest, behind easyJet, when measured by passengers carried. Category : Governmental Firms & Organizations Country/Region : United Kingdom Matched content:
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BA Full Form | Stand For | Full Name in Education

BA : Bachelor of ArtsBA Stand for Bachelor of Arts? B.A. Education is a 3- year course, the minimum eligibility for which is a 10+2 qualification. Successful graduates of the course are hired as Elementary or Secondary School teachers, or in the field of special education, or administration at the Elementary School level. Each position carries separate responsibilities and requires separate skills. Category : Academic & Science=>  Academic Degrees
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A Full Form | Stand For | Full Name

A : AmpereA stand for Ampere?
"a unit of electric current equal to a flow of one coulomb per second".The ampere, often shortened to "amp", is the base unit of electric current in the International System of Units. It is named after André-Marie Ampère, French mathematician and physicist, considered the father of electrodynamics.Academic & Science=> Units : Category
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What is FMCG, the full form of FMCG?

The FMCG or the proper full form of FMCG is fast-Moving Consumer Goods, it is also being called CPG or Consumer Packaged Goods, which basically includes the routine products that are sold at a lower price with a fine frequency. Simply meaning of FMCG is the daily routine products including soft drinks, packaged food, bread, chocolate, milk, bulbs and many other domestic items that conduct high sale value and low in rate.
FMCG contains high demanding products and these fast moving products have a very short life. Some basic and necessary kitchen items like vegetables, milk, bread, meat, biscuits and fruits are quite perishable so their frequent sale is compulsory but some other products like, canned food, toiletries, soft drink, soaps, toothpaste, and candles etc have such a high volume and a high rate.
The sale and turnover also depend on the season, like beverage production gets less in the Winter season, it also applies in the holidays, when sale rates become low.
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What is CBSE, Full Form of CBSE?

CBSE or the full form is Central Board of Secondary Education is basically a central board of education system in India. Near about 19,316 schools of India and 211 schools in foreign places is affiliated to the central board of secondary education or CBSE. The private and government both schools are affiliated by CBSE and controlled by Union Government of India. CBSE board uses both official languages Hindi and English for their exams patterns.
History of CBSE: Utter Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education was the first board of India which was established in 1921 and constituted under central India, Rajputana and Gwalior. Later on, the government of India adjoined the Board of High School and Intermediate Education and Rajputana, Gwalior and central India in 1929. In 1952, the other states get connected with that and it became the CBSE board or central board of secondary education.

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What is SSLC, the full form of SSLC?

SSLC or the exact full form of SSLC is Secondary School Leaving Certificate, is basically a certified program which is provided to the successful students by the college after completing the secondary study in India.
The students can be eligible for SSLC after getting the passing marks in 10th board exam. The SSLC test is a general eligibility test, which is popular in India as well as has recognized on international corners as well, it is especially popular in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.
Future after getting SSLC:The Indian education system includes five years of primary education and five years of secondary education, then two years of pre-university education. After getting the SSLC certificate, first of all, students need to clear the pre-university education or 12th class, after that, students can choose the desiring college or university, where they want to complete their further study.
Most of the students appear for Industrial Training Institute or ITI, which is a per…

What is ITI | Full form of ITI | ITI colleges in India?

ITI or the full form of ITI is Industrial Training Institute is the program of doing hundreds of engineering and technical courses and providing an advanced training related to an industrial arena to Indian candidates.
ITI is basically constituted under Directorate general employment and training or also being called DGET, which is the department of skill development and business and Union government.
The major aim of ITI courses is to prepare the students for industrial and technical knowledge and information so they can able to make a bright future.
ITI colleges in India:In India, you will get the finest colleges including private and government institutes for ITI courses and trade programs. There are hundreds of courses available with different duration and contains different eligibility criteria’s. The top most popular colleges in India are:-
1) ITI Faridabad, Haryana
2) Government industrial training institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
3) Industrial training institute, Chhattisgarh