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What is Computer Full Form, Use, History?

A computer is a machine used to receive information in a particular form. Nevertheless, there is a hypothetical full form which is said to be: 

Full form of computer?

C - Common
O - Oriented
M - Machine
P - Particularly
U - United and used under
T - Technical and
E - Educational
R - Research
The electronic device can be used to solve arithmetic and logical operation.
The full form is when you want to describe something deeply. Not leaning any detail or information behind. The item to be explained should contain everything it concerns it. In this case, the discussion being computers.
The device can be instructed to perform operations automatically. Through its programming, it is able to store, retrieve and process data. This helps humankind as it is hard to manually store data.

Uses of computers?

They were first introduced to replace the slow nature of mankind level of processing data. They have made work easier and efficient. Nowadays it is widely used for various activities. The following are their uses in our daily life.
1) Educating
In this digital error, most schools use these gadgets. Pupils registration and fee payments are stored in the computer. They teach students with data visualization. Some do distance learning of which it is made effective through internet. Not to forget the researchers who start and end their work with this apparatus.
2) Business
For you to succeed in business you must be technically oriented. Official deals are made through internet. For career prosperity, there is the use of websites or social networks to for advertisement. Examples of these sites are; Amazon, Alibaba and Linked In.
3) Health care facilities
Most hospitals create database for their patients. Doctors make use of the internet to diagnosis patients diseases. Through computing, we are able to get astonishing therapies that are efficient. Some of the therapies including chemotherapy and radiotherapy were not possible without these appliances.
4) Socialization.
These apparatus are now a major source of socialization.there are social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, whats app to mention but a few. Through the networks, people are able to meet new friends who eventually become buddies. Some go to an extent of being life partners. Moreover, we get entertainment like movies, games, songs and drawing activities.
5) Transportation
Whoa! You do not have to go all the way to the train station or the airport to book your can book your ticket at the luxury of your home. Just a click of the mouse is enough to get there. It is fast and convenient no more hassles. You are even able to track train and flight details. Their departure and arrival timings.
6) Job application
All job seekers apply through these appliances. One must have basic skills to be able to use one. Employers require employees to fill in application forms in order to reviewed and evaluated if they will fit the job. Those who are IT gurus are in a better position to get hired. Mostly it applies to those who are in need of white color jobs.
7) Banking
For the most accurate efficient and services to a customer is the computers. The cashiers have to enter details, account numbers and cash deposits of a customer. This is done by just keying in information from the relevant source. Banks provide automated teller machines (ATM's) to customers to ease congestion in the banking halls.
8) Protection.
Government and private institutions use these appliances as a source of defence. The government build links between soldiers and commanders via satellite. Non-governmental institutes install CCTV cameras all over their premises for security reasons. All citizens are well informed on security matters in one way or another. Any threats are well known beforehand and various institutions take charge to avoid damages.

The history of computers?

The first mechanical computer was created by an English mathematician called Charles Babbage in 1822. he was referred by many as the “father of computers”. his design of analytical engine is the basic framework of today’s computer based on. Since then, these machines have been evolving from one generation to another. Up to date, we have three generations.
1) First generation: 1937-1946
The military built an electronic computer by the name Colossus. They used it for their foresight. Many other developments were created such as (ENIAC) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer.
2) Second generation: 1947-1963
In this generation the computers used transistors. A commercial one was later introduced called Universal Automatic Computer (UNIVAC). It is during this time that many programming languages were invented.
3) Third generation: 1963- up to date
With these the electronic. Devices became smaller, powerful and reliable. They can also multitask. As of now, we have personal computers (PC). Which are now both used in homes and at the offices.
As result computers are now used in all aspects of life. They have become a necessity. We cannot do without them. As the world continues to revolve, computers will be a basic need for every home. Rural areas will be covered with internet as the prices are going down.

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