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What is FMCG, the full form of FMCG?

The FMCG or the proper full form of FMCG is fast-Moving Consumer Goods, it is also being called CPG or Consumer Packaged Goods, which basically includes the routine products that are sold at a lower price with a fine frequency. Simply meaning of FMCG is the daily routine products including soft drinks, packaged food, bread, chocolate, milk, bulbs and many other domestic items that conduct high sale value and low in rate.
FMCG contains high demanding products and these fast moving products have a very short life. Some basic and necessary kitchen items like vegetables, milk, bread, meat, biscuits and fruits are quite perishable so their frequent sale is compulsory but some other products like, canned food, toiletries, soft drink, soaps, toothpaste, and candles etc have such a high volume and a high rate.
The sale and turnover also depend on the season, like beverage production gets less in the Winter season, it also applies in the holidays, when sale rates become low.

Characteristic of FMCG products:

FMCG contains two major aspects regarding characteristic’ views that are from the consumer side and other is from the market side.
Accordant to consumer perspective FMCG provides a fine environment to a quick sale, less effort and hard work for selecting the items and products, the price is also low of the products, fast consumption, and need not care for a long time of the products. 

If we see from the marketer’s perceptive then the wholesale price enhances the market’s volume, it also increases the extensive network and connections, the annual turnover is also excellent that includes less contribution.
Still, the actual profit via FMCG products is quite small, especially to the retailers. The FMCG companies can have a fine profit but not as the retailers.

Top Indian FMCG companies:

India is said to be the 4th largest sector of FMCG in the whole world that is responsible for high economy rate and provide employment to the 3 million people, who are linked with FMCG.
Day by day the FMCG market has been increasing and developing and including a variety of products. The top Indian FMCG companies are:
• Amul India Limited
• Britannia Industries Limited
• Emami
• Godrej Consumer Product Limited
• Asian Paints
Expect that Colgate & Palmolive India limited, Nestle India, Wipro, Glaxosmith Kine consumer health limited, Parle Agro, and Marico industries limited are also counted as India’s top FMCG companies.
The FMCG market of the world has 85,000 Crores turnover, which is a huge amount. FMCG has a low managing and operating cost and a high growth rate and it has a wide competition with many of other industries and companies that are in an organised and unorganised form or segments.

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