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What is ITI | Full form of ITI | ITI colleges in India?

ITI or the full form of ITI is Industrial Training Institute is the program of doing hundreds of engineering and technical courses and providing an advanced training related to an industrial arena to Indian candidates.
ITI is basically constituted under Directorate general employment and training or also being called DGET, which is the department of skill development and business and Union government.
The major aim of ITI courses is to prepare the students for industrial and technical knowledge and information so they can able to make a bright future.

ITI colleges in India:

In India, you will get the finest colleges including private and government institutes for ITI courses and trade programs. There are hundreds of courses available with different duration and contains different eligibility criteria’s. The top most popular colleges in India are:-
1) ITI Faridabad, Haryana
2) Government industrial training institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
3) Industrial training institute, Chhattisgarh
4) Government ITI new Gajuwaka, Vishakhapatnam
5) ITI woman, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
6) ITI college Jammu & Kashmir
7) ITI Kubarnagar, Ahmadabad, Gujarat
You will find excellent ITI institutes in all over India who provides the best training related to different fields, like information technologies, mechanical engineering and mechanical electronics, computer software, automobile, diesel mechanics, wireman, electrical plumbing, pharmacy, craftsman, polytechnic and fabrication etc.

Eligibility criteria to get admission in ITI:

For ITI you need not high-level qualifications. Different courses have different eligibility criteria’s. The general eligibility is getting admission in ITI is from 8th to 12th passed; this is the minimum and maximum eligibility for ITI.
At the completion of the ITI training, the students appear for All India Trade Test or AITT, and the achievers can be eligible for National Trade Certificate or NTC. It is also a huge opportunity for getting a bright career and future. One can also choose the apprenticeship diploma and programs as well.

Course Duration:

ITI includes various types of courses and diplomas for the students; the course duration depends on the course quality and nature. You can choose according to your desire. The course duration lies between 6 months to 2 years. Basically, there are two types of courses of ITI, and they are:-
· Engineering courses
· Non-Engineering courses
Engineering courses are quite technical and based on formulas, mathematics, technology, science and engineering. The basic purpose of ITI institutes is to introduce the students with the vocational training and specific knowledge of a technical industry and making a well-developed power in India.
At the opposite side, the non-engineering courses are less technical, but with a fine knowledge of specific fields and sectors. Students can choose according to their interest.

The admission process of ITI:

The students who want to take admission for ITI courses or trades must have clear the written test conducted by ITI finest institutes, government or private both conducts a merit-based test and admission process.
But still, there are several private ITI institutes in India, where you can get direct admission without any pre-test. After completing ITI, students can get the finest job related to their niches.

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